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Recently, I've been having silent issues with the partner. Meaning I haven't expressed my evolving and ever intensifying feelings.

What provoked this particular post are the events of the past two days. Yesterday, he stopped by my house only to tell me he needs to go to his mother's house to complete/fax/file paperwork. He asks me if I wanted to go, and I complied. So while he's driving (in his grandmother's car) we almost get into two different accidents due to his slightly reckless driving. I enjoy the rides because of the music and they're a get-away-from-home card.

Anyway... We get to his mother's place of residence only for them to start bickering, yet again. I believe he resents her, unknown to me, of course. He bothers her by acting confused by every question she asks. And he resists everything related to her(unable to explain their relationship any other way). I think he sees her as a threat to his authoritative power. [Possible issue with authority...]

Anyway #2: He cannot find the paperwork we go there for. I decide to play with their dogs and politely laugh at his mother's jokes about his incompetence. Meanwhile, he's searching all over the house, in the most ridiculous of places (most likely to provoke his mother). And I try to ignore my fellow humans.

After they both decide the papers are probably not at her house, we drive to his grandmother's house (where he lives primarily, along with his dementia-ridden grandfather).

I attempt to wait in the car while he goes in, and with no permission, I tread behind him, up the steps to the porch. When we enter, he walks right past his grandmother, no greeting, no acknowledgement. I reluctantly speak to her with a warming smile, watching her facial expression. I apologise in the name of my boyfriend and she says not to worry about his rudeness. Her explanation being, dealing with a dying old man, she doesn't worry about the little things that would usually bother her, such as a rude grandson.

After he cannot find the papers at his grandmother's house, he drives us to a nearby park and we walk a 3-minute trail and head home, only to stop for ice-cream right before. When we arrive at my house, we talk to my mother for awhile and goof off for a while before watching 20 minutes of an unfinished Nymphomaniac: Vol II - Extended Directors Cut. I wanted to show it to him, after watching it several times. He wants several kisses while watching, and he eventually leaves to return his grandmother's car at the previously specified time.

Stressor: Before we leave his grandmother's house, she asks us if I am to go to Vacation Bible School with him for the next day (today). She responds to her own question and says I probably cannot due to my work schedule. I reply and say I'm off and she replies, excitedly with words of approval. She says that he has to help the staff at their church. BF says nothing.

In the midst of us relaxing at my house, I ask if I'm going to his Vacation Bible School. He says no because he'll be too busy. I reply with, I wouldn't be going to hang out with him, but to learn because I'm not apart of the staff, nor the church. He replies with the same reasoning and adds that what they're teaching is science-based and if a previous knowledge is already obtained, then I wouldn't want to learn about what they're teaching.

I don't respond, hurt, and suspicious. And from my house, he puts on his shoes and leaves.
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